Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Golly Green Bean Salad


Some Thanksgivings I'm lucky enough to stumble across a recipe that becomes a keeper. This year I found this one -- Green Beans with Toasted Walnuts and Dried-Cherry Vinaigrette from -- and let me tell you, it was TOTAL REDEMPTION for any other iffy dishes that might have also been served.

The beans are cooked but crisp -- the walnuts are toasted and the cherries are sweet -- the vinaigrette is made up of olive oil, sherry vinegar, shallots (although I just used finely chopped onion), salt, pepper, sugar, and (SURPRISE) fresh chopped mint. Sigh.

It is really fine if left to sit overnight so that the flavors mix and soak in to the beans, but don't deny yourself the wonderfulness that it eating this when it is first mixed together, so that the flavors come at you in a sequence. Really, it is amazing and not like anything I could imagine.


Again -- the recipe (and a photo of the assembled salad!) can be found here:

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