Sunday, March 14, 2010

IMG_2774 CE

Today was grey and dreary with a long list of chores on the agenda. I did laundry and cleaned house until I was worn out and ravenous, so Doug took me out for a late lunch with pancakes.

I was too hungry to pause to take their photo today. (Meaning the pancakes, that is.) But anytime I have pancakes I am reminded of the best pancakes in the world, made by our friend Don when we are up at the cabin on the lake in Ontario. And that reminded me that I had this photo back in the archives.

Oh yeah. Thinking about pancakes takes me there. So, please excuse me while I drool for a while... and while I go off and dream of clear, cool summer mornings seasoned with the smell of coffee and bacon and pancakes, the sound of loons on the lake, and nothing on the agenda but catching a few fish.


  1. I cheated and used an old picture. I await punishment.

  2. These are the most beautiful pancakes I have ever seen. Those scalloped edges...their sweet goodness...they look so light and airy. No punishment for you.

  3. Oh, these are completely gorgeous...I'll take a tall stack, please.