Monday, March 22, 2010

L&N Train Station

in my dreams, that top window is where
my easel sits, facing the north and east
(linda is there, too, and we're both happily slinging paint and giggling about monty python)

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  1. Can you please cue up the Twilight Zone music? I started to take a photo of that exact same building, from the Western Ave side, this afternoon on the way home from work. The sky was MAGNIFICENT! Unfortunately, the traffic was a bit, um, hairy, so I couldn't get off a good shot. I went up on the hill above to try a shot of town, but from that direction the magnificent sky was just bleh.
    But, YES. I am with you in spirit. Painting madly (and brilliantly -- both of us, I might add...) and singing ..."Finland, Finland, Finland..."