Saturday, March 26, 2011


my baby.


  1. Oh my goodness. Go to the photo itself on flickr, click on all sizes, go to the original size, and look at the eyes.
    A double portrait!

  2. you do some of the best portraits

  3. :) I actually noticed that when I was taking the photo...I could see myself in his sea-blue eyes!

    And Char - thank you so much - that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me...

  4. Dear Diahn,

    I was looking for interesting art blogs and forums and I found a Wetcanvas forum post from you and I was completely inspired by your post and what you have shared into this it.
    From this forum, I have then search for you on google and I have found this blog and I could not stop looking at the pictures.
    Why I have chosen this photo, maybe because it's one of my favorite, one from which I love the emotions.
    Moreover, according to your Wetcanvas post I have found, I’ve started to draw portraits and other art stuffs, I’ve always used specific drawing papers and put them all in an art folder.
    Your idea of sketch booking has given me new ideas of how to proceed in classifying my art stuffs and how to get a special touch to my drawings.
    I particularly loved the way you have mixed with drawing and writing which give an awesome artistic touch to the piece of art.
    Before reading and looking at your post, I didn’t know how to manage what I wanted to draw and the writing that fitted to it.

    My next art portfolio will definitely be a sketchbook personalized with portraits and writing down my thoughts on the moment I’m drawing.