Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2010 04 04_7683ep

in quiet places
small simple things blossom


  1. good golly, Linda - this is gorgeous. Did you get a new lens? What fantastic depth of field...and what kind of flower is this?

  2. Oh, thank you both! No, Diahn -- no new lens. Maybe the brighter evenings make it easier to get better close focus shots. ;-)
    And the flower is a bloodroot. I rescued it years and years ago (probably 15 or more) from right outside the park -- it was growing directly in the middle of the path of a planned road that was going in the next day, so I figured it was fair game. They grow SO slowly and don't like a lot of traffic, so I've really had to nurture it -- without it realizing I was doing so, of course...